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4541 Contour Blvd #E

San Diego, CA 92115


$825.00 Rent

 $825.00 Deposit



1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom







Coin-Operated Laundry


Street Parking



No Pets

Call Elizabeth to schedule Appointment to view Unit



Accepts Sec.8


3835 Swift Avenue #209

San Diego, CA 92104

North Park Apartment


Seniors 62+ / Disabled

$750.00 Rent

$750.00 Deposit



1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom






Coin-Operated Laundry




Street Parking



No Pets

Call on-site manager, David, to schedule a viewing appointment.




938 N. Fig St. #4

Escondido, CA 92026




$1550.00 Rent

$1550.00 Deposit



3 Bedroom


2 ½






Laundry Hook-ups

1 Garage Parking


1 Parking Space



No Pets


Call Elizabeth to schedule Appointment to view Unit




Thank you for your interest in our properties – please check back frequently as the properties listed above are subject to change without notice (trust us – it changes frequently). 

3.            Please call us at (619) 295-1100 for more information on any of our vacancy listings or to schedule an appointment to view a vacancy M-F with your contact information and a convenient time to schedule.  You may also Email us at applications@cethron.com. 

4.            Applications require a non-refundable $25 credit check fee and are comprised of four very important elements* and can be processed online at https://www.cethron.com/Rentalapplication.pdf:

a.     Valid governmental identification / documentation.

b.     Income: Your application should include verifiable income of at least two and a half times the rent with proof of income submitted by fax to (619) 299-8605 or Email applications@cethron.com

c.     Consumer Credit: When we obtain your credit report, it should demonstrate that you’re a good credit risk.

d.     Tenancy History: Perhaps the most important of the criteria for approval verifiable with contact information from prior landlords.

  5.           Pets, where allowed, require separate pet agreement and usually an extra security deposit.

*Please help us to approve your application more quickly by making sure all four elements are clearly verifiable on the application form.     

Updated: 03/06/14*