The following is a list of requirements for any rental application and co-signers:

  • Every adult over eighteen (18+) will need to submit a separate rental application
  • The combined monthly income needs to be at least two and a half (2.5) times the amount of the rent for the unit being applied to
  • Proof of income for at least three (3) months (Ex. recent pay stubs)
  • Rental history for at least two (2) years and contact information for the previous Landlords
  • Credit Report will need to show clean credit, no evictions, no collection accounts, and no criminal background
  • Copy of Government Issued form of Identification
  • List your co-applicants in your application


  • All the requirements apply and the income needs to be two and a half (2.5) times the amount of rent, after all personal expenses have been paid

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